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Get a Designer for My Kitchen or Will Just a Contractor Do?


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Get a Designer for My Kitchen or Will Just a Contractor Do?

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Get a Designer for My Kitchen or Will Just a Contractor Do?

Are you planning on a major kitchen remodel or just swapping out a few appliances and cabinet faces? designer kitchen ideasHow much creativity and kitchen planning skills do you bring to the table? Do you know much about the products, materials and trends that go into planning a new designer kitchen in today’s landscape? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before tackling the job of remodeling your kitchen by yourself. In a recent study, more than 50% of the homeowners surveyed hired a kitchen designer. The majority of those surveyed were looking to improve the overall design and functionality of their kitchen in this recent Houzz & Home Study. Designers just look at the project differently than a kitchen contractor does.

Designer Kitchen and Baths Are Well Planned

The kitchen is one of the most complicated rooms in any house. We have met many contractors over the years and each one has his or her specialty…often 3 or 4 specialties. We have yet to meet a kitchen or bathroom remodeler that had all the skills required to complete the job wrapped up in a nice, neat package. We work with many kitchen contractors that have a great eye for design and we love bouncing ideas off of these individuals. But contractors often lack the planning, communication, organization, and psychology skills many designers bring to the table. Your contractors need to work in harmony with a kitchen designer to achieve all the skills you will need for a complicated kitchen remodel.
designer kitchen and bath expert in New Jersey
For us…
  1. Planning your new kitchen often starts long before we get a contractor involved. We spend quality time with customers gathering information, asking questions, discussing material options and looking over color and texture samples with you. Eventually we developed a very detailed plan and kitchen layout using some pretty amazing software. That plan is reviewed with you in its entirety. Long before we discuss the contractors required. This plan often includes a budget. One that we can stick to without sacrificing on quality. Contractors often look for “alternatives” that may save you money but often a diminished quality is the cost. 
  2. This communication with you helps us develop a sense of your style, desires, must haves and dreams for your new kitchen. This conversation goes way beyond an initial Q&A session. We have discovered that contractors are just too busy to invest the time into this all important discovery process.
  3. Organization and Creativity often require both sides of your brain. A kitchen designer must have both of these parts of our brain working together. That is a unique quality our customers cherish. Our design details are very thorough. If together we have done our best to gather information and assemble a kitchen remodeling plan, we will have a ton of details that will need to be organized into CAD drawings, product specifications, material request documents, a budget tracking & project management application and vendor management tools. We use project management software that does most of the heavy lifting for us. But it is up to us to ensure all the details of your project are included up front.
  4. Psychology skills are a must for a good kitchen designer. These necessary skills are developed mainly through the experience of working with homeowners and contractors alike. Reading between the lines, understanding body language and asking the right questions requires an attentiveness, tact and fineness that is hard to teach. Active listening, critical thinking and patience are three of those skills that we have come to rely on. Our job is to understand your goals and visions while making sure they are achieved with the team of contracting professionals we have assembled. Management, leadership and interpersonal relationships are skills we use to make that happen. These key ingredients are hard to find in most kitchen contractors we have worked with. There are good reasons why we are recognized year over year for our service to customers.
Certified Kitchen Designer in New Jersey

Certified Kitchen Designer in NJ

Being a certified kitchen designer in New Jersey is a distinction that takes work and years of experience to obtain. The NKBA offers a few programs that our designers have invested their time and energy into. Most of that investment today requires 60+ hours of continuing education to maintain a certified kitchen and bath designer certification. As professional kitchen and bath designers, we are always looking to improve our skills and reputation as the best in the region. The contractors we use also go through a certification process. But of course, the curriculum is very different. So, to answer your question, yes you need both a kitchen designer and quality contractors to design and build you a beautiful kitchen. Start with the designer. There is work to be done before looping in the right contractors.

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