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A Kitchen Wish List that includes The Kitchen Sink


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A Kitchen Wish List that includes The Kitchen Sink

Kitchen trends come and go so fast today, it’s hard to keep up with the latest styles, technology and colors. Many homeowners we work with have a type of “Wish List” of appliances, countertops and kitchen nuances that they have seen in a friend’s home, on a kitchen design blog or even while browsing through our projects on Houzz. So, it is our job to hear our clients out, provide informed comments and even a few rational suggestions. That means we are always on the hunt for new and trendy kitchen ideas. Here are a few of the latest items that have made it to our client’s kitchen wish list. And it starts with:

Extra Deep Kitchen Sinks

Extra deep kitchen sinks made from stainless steel or porcelain has been on several lists this year. For an area Extra Deep Kitchen Sinksthat sees so much usage, a traditional kitchen sink tends to be shallow, making cleanup awkward and annoying for families large and small. Kitchen sink styles that come in depths of 10 inches or more offer more flexibility for washing large pots and other bulky cooking equipment. Many of our clients appreciate 2 and even 3 sink bowls for easier washing, rinsing and even sanitizing. Deep sinks are also better at hiding dishes that need to soak overnight and preventing water from splashing everywhere. We like the farmhouse style sinks with a round apron and at least 30” wide that can be mounted from under the countertop. Composite granite and Fire Clay sinks are our preferred materials. Stainless steel dominates for kitchen appliances these days and we like to create some contrasting colors.

Touch Control & Voice Controlled Faucets

Touch Free Kitchen SinksPair your sink with a touch-activated faucet. Then pair it with Alexa for a totally connected kitchen. Not only will it fit in with the rest of your smart kitchen appliance choices, but it also is much more practical than standard faucets when your hands are filled with breading or guacamole. With a slight tap from an elbow or forearm, you can turn the water on without transferring germs and messes from dirty hands to the faucet knobs. Delta, Moen and Kohler all have voice activated faucets available for us connected kitchen designers and smart home enthusiasts out there.

Quartz Countertops Have Made a Comeback

Granite, SoapStone and marble countertops have been the popular choices for years and are nothing new to us. What has gained in popularity as the more preferred countertop material this past year is manmade quartz. Granite and marble may get all the attention in magazines still, but quartz is a more sophisticated choice for the modern kitchen. The variety of color options available makes choosing color schemes for a client so much easier. We used to show countertop swatches before paint swatches because matching marble and granite colors was difficult. With quartz, our vendors have no problem matching the colors we select. It’s also a strong, nonporous material option that is easier to work with from a cutting standpoint. So waste is minimal, and quartz will last a long time with proper care. For a more impressive statement, use quartz in your backsplash, too.
kitchen cabinet makers in NJ

Custom Cabinet Makers Use Painted Finishes with Flair

Smart choices about solid kitchen cabinetry designs will always be on any wish list a client comes in with. Here personal preferences vary greatly. Some of the more transitional kitchen cabinetry designs feature factory painted satin finishes in darker hues of grey. We recommend you avoid painting on site during installation. Factory painted cabinets always perform best. Using paint grade solid maple is wise because it is strong, durable and more affordable than Alder, hickory or walnut and since you are painting it, natural wood grain is not part of the equation. The cabinet makers we choose make all the difference. Strong solid construction requires experienced craftmanship. We are very exacting on measurements and we partner with cabinet makers that follow our designs to the “T”

Connected Kitchen Appliances are in Vogue

The most satisfying part of a dream kitchen is that it offers both curb appeal and function. High end kitchen appliances from recognizable brands like SubZero, Samsung, Wolf and Miele improve the aesthetics of your kitchen space while also being more practical or versatile. Some of the popular appliances on a client’s list these days are:
  • Counter-depth refrigerators
  • Professional gas ranges
  • Steam-convection ovens
  • Concealed range hood 
We have written this blog post on connected kitchen designs and another on smart kitchen appliances and we have found that technology changes very fast. We recommend that if you already have a smart home assistant like Alexa or Google Home, you find the smart appliances that play well with this smart home assistant. Check out our galleries to find inspiration

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