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Unique Customizations for Kitchen Cabinets Appeal to Minimalists


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Kitchen Cabinets That Appeal to Minimalists

Setting your new kitchen apart from the one down the block or in your social circle is a regular trend we are Sleek Kitchen Cabinetsnoticing in the last couple years. Clients are asking us to modernize their kitchens with sleek looking cabinetry, blend two different finishes and mix up old world styles for walls & wood stains with more transitional cabinetry styles for their kitchens. This individualization we are seeing helps us break out from the cookie cutter kitchen remodeling seen in older issues of Better Homes & Gardens and Architectural Digest. A younger generation of homeowners in New Jersey seem to prefer a minimalistic style of cabinetry designed for them.

Cabinetry Design Styles That Look Sleek

By no means does minimalistic mean boring. Quite the contrary. Walt Disney’s Experimental Prototype Kitchens of Tomorrow (EPKOT) have arrived in some of the coolest looking kitchens we have ever seen. In the case of this kitchen, our clients wanted a nice matte white painted kitchen cabinet with polished stainless-steel hardware that coupled well with their heavy-duty stainless-steel range and exhaust hood. As you can see, we were limited on space and the cooking space was to be the focal point for this kitchen. The clean light colors found in the flooring and engineered stone for the center island support the minimalistic cabinetry design very well. And as you can see, there is nothing boring about this kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Cabinetry Makes Traditional Stone Walls Pop

We are also seeing a return to oak and maple kitchen cabinets but now cut to a trendy modern look and feel. These transitional styles for cabinetry favor clean lines and shout simplicity but the truth is these cabinets are engineered and manufactured for strength and durability using high quality hard wood, precision cuts, strong joints and hardware hinges that will last well beyond the client’s lifetime. A warm wood finish is accented by the darker stained wood flooring. Now, allow your eyes to focus on the stone backsplash behind the range. The masonry gives this kitchen very classy look with some old world charm that the client absolutely loves.
Modern Kitchen Cabinets for Minimalists

Customized Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinetry

Although we are not personally seeing clients asking us to mix and match various paint colors for kitchen cabinetry, we have seen the trend growing in articles we read on This Old House, and Décor magazines like Elle and Country Living. Most of these kitchens have a taste of country in them and our clientele tends in urban and suburban settings. I must say though, we do love these softer yellow tones combined with the warmer yellow tile for the walls…very classy.

Customized Colors for Cabinets
If you have a new idea you would like to try out on our kitchen cabinetry designers, lay it on us and we can perhaps start a new kitchen design trend that others will appreciate.

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