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Designing the Perfect Smart Kitchen

For consumers who are excited about the potential of having smart appliances as part of the kitchens in their homes, designing the right space is crucial with the functionality offered by smart appliances in mind. We recommend taking to the internet and checking out trend setting kitchen appliance brands by visiting Samsung’s Virtual Kitchen, LG home appliances to see what these connected devices can do. More and more appliances are being built with a lot features that allow them to be controlled from your tablet or phone.


Samsung’s Family Hub is Centered in Your Smart Refrigerator

Connecting Across the Kitchen

There are various options when it comes to kitchen designs with smart appliances but we are seeing the larger appliances using stainless steel and black stainless steel as the two primary colors. So, designers need to blend countertops, cabinets and flooring to offset all those shiny metal finishes. Smaller smart appliances such as coffee pots, blender, and microwaves are now available as smarter devices that take advantage IoT connectivity and digital syncing. These smaller pieces of equipment take on a more traditional look similar to older appliances, although we have seen some very futuristic coffer makers and sleek new dishwashers that show off the new technology contained within.


Modern Kitchen Design Features

If you appreciate the sophistication of a modern kitchen, you can find many ideas at your local kitchen and bath showroom or swing by the Miele Appliance experience in Princeton. Expect to see lots of reflective surfaces and high-tech materials that truly catch the eye. Bring a pair of sunglasses to reduce the glare. We have found that exotic woods can add extra luxury to a kitchen that is reflecting too brightly. Seating made of polished wood or Lucite is also a popular option. Your modern kitchen designer can make smart appliances look amazing with the right color stain on your custom kitchen cabinets.


Connected Appliances May Leave Your Home Vulnerable

Those who prefer something more traditional may want to tone down the shine. Too much connectivity to the internet may lend your home too accessible to unwanted virtual intruders. The kitchen should offer the family comfort and protection from a connected world but home network security should be considered carefully. Here is a list of 10 best practices for securing your home network.

  1. Research the capabilities and security features of an IoT device before purchase.
  2. Perform an audit of IoT devices already on your network.
  3. Change the default credentials on devices. If the device you’re considering doesn’t allow you to change the default password, choose a different device.
  4. Use strong and unique passwords for device accounts and Wi-Fi networks. Don’t use common words or passwords that are easy to guess, such as “password” or “123456.”
  5. Modify the default privacy and security settings of IoT devices based on your requirements, not the manufacturer’s.
  6. Use a strong encryption method when setting up Wi-Fi network access, like WPA2.
  7. Because many IoT devices come with a variety of services (like remote access) enabled by default, be sure to disable features and services that you may not need.
  8. Use wired connections instead of wireless whenever possible.
  9. Regularly check the device manufacturer’s website for firmware updates.
  10. Ensure that a hardware outage does not result in an unsecure state for the device.

Kitchen Design With Smart Appliances in Mind

In many cases, we design kitchens with modern appliances that function just fine without all that flash. We will feature both polished and casual elements for a beautiful juxtaposition of style. We may disguise your smart oven and hide your refrigerator behind a cabinetry finish, as well as recommend more complementary kitchen appliances. Open space and durable seating works well with a contemporary kitchen.


Smart Appliance Choices

Techno happy homeowners often look at the newest smart appliance on the market first and may be OK with splurging on all things connected. Here is a look at the Good, The Bad and The Bottom Line for Samsung’s Smart Hub we featured above.


“Finally, a smart fridge that feels smart” - By Ray Crist, Senior Associate Editor, CNET


We encourage you to seek out reviews online and consult with your recommended kitchen designer that that you have selected for your project.

Your team at Tobias Design look forward to an opportunity to consult with you on your kitchen makeover and have plenty of experience blending smart home appliances into spectacular kitchen designs. Take a look at our modern kitchen design portfolio here.

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Rebecca Clayton
Nice content. Really helpful for us
6/23/2020 4:41:39 AM

Wow, great article... Wonder what's next to be 'IOT'-ified????
6/1/2018 1:49:54 PM

Bob Weber
This is an excellent article andI can't wait to get an intelligent Frig!
6/1/2018 11:22:58 AM

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