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Guided By Your Mind’s Eye for Bathroom Design


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Guided By Your Mind’s Eye for Bathroom Design

When it comes to master bathroom designs, each client has a feature set in their Bathroom Designer in NJ Sees Your Visionsminds eye what they wish to see incorporated. So, our Q&A session with a new client always starts with, “Help us paint the vision you have in your mind.” Often it is a Spa-Like bathroom ambiance they wish to create. For couples, it may be the his and her bathroom vanities so that “his products don’t interfere with her products”. Many homeowners have seen a particular shower stall they wish to emulate, or a specific jacuzzi tub arrangement caught their attention. There is always one feature that is a Must Have. What is your Must Have?

Jacuzzi Tub Design Idea That May/May Not Break the Bank

Here is an elaborate Jacuzzi Tub décor that one of our clients came in with one day. They found the picture one of the more popular galleries for master bathroom ideas. No doubt, it is a beautiful design where budget was not a concern. This particular client was concerned, so I ballparked a price during our conversation that changed the direction of our conversation pretty quickly. We did eventually come back to this picture, and we discovered that the Roman ambiance with the candle alcoves in the wall is what had attracted her attention most. So, we drew up a design that did not include the water feature, skylight window and marble and were able to accomplish most of what she was looking for.
Bathroom Designers Near Me
When you have renovated as many bathrooms as we have, estimating bathroom remodeling costs on the fly helps us bring a more realistic perspective to the planning stages.

Bathroom Designers in NJ with Vision

A sliding barn door for a bathroom entrance is a very Bath Renovations New Jerseyunique feature we have incorporated a few times. This custom woodwork is pretty amazing and took my breadth away when I first saw it. The design was first developed by an artist and then re-created in AutoCAD, a design software used by mill working companies we contract with. A CNC router machine cut most of the door’s face. It is incredible how intricate these automated milling machines can be today. The hardest part was the painting and finishing work. The door was ready to ship from the mill working company within 4 weeks of placing the order, but the impact of this door will last generations for this family. When choosing a bathroom designer for your master bathroom, we encourage you to ask them, “What unique creative feature can you bring to our design?” Every good bathroom designer has them trapped away some place. 

Bath Renovations Company in New Jersey

We know you have options when it comes to bathroom renovations. Most remodeling contractors in New Jersey today offer their own skills as a designer. The truth is… some may have those skills, most do not. Vision, creativity, and artistic design skills are often gifted to certain personalities. The contractors I have worked with best often are very good with measuring, mathematics and follow a very methodical approach to installation, but they tend to lack some of the skills I have. I can’t do what they do and many of them really don’t want my job of designing and project management. When looking for a bathroom renovation company for your project, ask them directly, “Do you work with a bathroom designer in New Jersey or do you tackle all the tasks yourself?” Be wary of those that say they do it all! Or maybe you can give them an Aptitude Test?
Contact us today for Creative Bathroom Designs That You Will Love!

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