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Kitchen Colors That Go With Black Appliances


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Kitchen Colors That Go With Black Appliances

Although the love affair with stainless steel kitchen appliances still reigns, the demand for black kitchen appliances continued to rise in 2020. Let’s face it, it has been a crazy year for all of us. We had a number of projects already under construction when Covid hit and we were forced to pause all activity. Within a few weeks, we were invited back into homes to finish what was started. What I did notice when our design business picked up again was the number of requests for kitchen designs with black appliances was increasing. This means that our color palettes needed to change. Where white and stainless-steel appliances allow us more freedom in color selection, major appliances that are matte black in color require a brighter, lighter color scheme for the walls, flooring, cabinetry and countertops.

Colors That Go With Black Kitchen Appliances

Color Trends for Designer Kitchens

Using bright white colors tend to offer too much of a contrast and could scare the chef right out of the kitchen. So, we need to be careful with the cabinetry. Here we like colors such as light greys or softer whites. We will also recommend warmer wood stains for the kitchen cabinets and perhaps blond wood flooring when dealing with black appliances. I believe there will be a trend towards comforting, warmer colors in 2021. The big paint manufacturers all came out with their annual “Color Suggestions” this month and they too are leaning to soft greys, earthy browns and color accents like Saffron and Teal to be paired with these warm, comforting colors. I like those pairings with black appliances.

In the Behr Paints color palette for 2021 are these 3 colors that caught my attention. I like the Saffron color especially for an accent color in a tile backsplash. Not too much, just a 15-20% blend with an off-white tile perhaps. The Sierra can work well for cabinetry. 
Color trends for kitchens
In the Benjamin Moore color palette for 2021, there is an Aegean Teal that really does look good as a cabinet color with a light brown countertop. I would lean more to using this teal color for the kitchen island cabinetry and since I am not a fan of butcher block countertops for a number of reasons, I would look for a slab of Granite or Quartz that would work here. The Chestertown Buff and Grey Cashmere are great wall colors.
Color Trends for Designer Kitchens
Pantone comes out with color predictions every year. In 2021 they are recommending a very confident grey color called Ultimate Gray that I like for wide plank flooring or a painted cabinet color. The Illuminating Yellow color screams optimism. Muted yellows like this will always pair well with black appliances, but in smaller doses. Perhaps a décor item such as a mixing bowl on an open shelf, a vase on the countertop or the border of a backsplash? The Pantone color matching system is used more in graphic arts and for fabric industries but I do like to look for inspiration many places.

Designer Kitchen and Bath Showroom

Designer Kitchen and Bath Showroom

We are a kitchen and bath designer in New Jersey and therefore cater to busy business executives that often commute to work in New York City but like to spend quality time at home at the days end. Many of these customers lean into designer trends for home improvements, kitchen remodeling, fashion and are technologically savvy. Therefore, the trend to matte black kitchen appliances and connected kitchen designs are often topics we address in our initial conversations. If you are looking for a designer kitchen design that is trendy, give us a call today.


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