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Kitchens With Clean Lines Appeal To Young Professionals


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Kitchens With Clean Lines Appeal To Young Professionals

Our younger urban minded clients have been leaning towards the more trendy modern kitchen design choices to create kitchen that are efficient, convenient and offer cleaner, simpler lines that also lets their personalities shine through all at the same time.

Kitchen Design for Young Provessionals

A survey for home design by AIA (American Institute of Architects) in 2018, reported that American households kitchen design trendsare blending smart home appliances into kitchen design elements and creating easier accessibility to main living areas within their homes as a highest priority. This is one of the primary reasons why younger urban minded couples are choosing kitchen designs with cleaner lines. Today modern kitchen designs are replacing decorated kitchens with oversized appliances and traditional wood cabinetry, with cleaner elements and neutral colors and appliances that blend in rather than stand out.

Kitchen Design Trends for Young Professionals Include Clean Cut Corners

Clean lines in terms of architecture mean a design that is geometrically appealing and is crisp. It also integrates elements that might contrast each other such as stainless steel with black cabinets. Or a bold splash of color for just one wall. Resulting in an uncluttered look that does not overwhelm the senses.

Kitchen Cabinetry with Modern Styles

Keeping the kitchen tidy is always a high priority, and keeping it visually clutter free can make your kitchen more inviting for those that prefer organization. It often makes your space look bigger, easy to navigate and helps blend appliances with cabinets. The following ideas can be incorporated while designing a sleek kitchen of your own.

Kitchen Cabinetry With Modern Styles

Custom Cabinets: For a custom clean looking kitchen, stock cabinets do not offer a lot of choices. A better option is to discuss semi-custom cabinet options with your designer. The minimalistic design trends include cabinets with high polished lacquer finishes. Wood veneers and event stainless steel cabinetry in vogue. The customizing options available vary depending on the cabinet manufacturer. Most of them offer choices in a range of finishes, material types, sizing specifications to fit your kitchen design plans and hinge styles. The cabinet makers we use stand behind their product 100% and work very well with our designers.

Cabinet Colors: Cabinets take up the most surface area in a kitchen, allowing them to be the dominant force in your color scheme. White and lighter color wood have been the trend for some time now. Smaller kitchens can benefit from these lighter color cabinets most. Lacquered gray and darker wood veneers are a common choice in open kitchen designs that are adjacent to a more formal living area.

Kitchen Design for Younger Homeowners

Hidden Hardware & Stainless Steel: It is easy to notice how changing a certain piece of hardware gives a totally new dimension to the same range of cabinets and furniture. Recessed or hidden handles work very well with the sleek lines that our younger clients seem to gravitate too. Using an inward edge to wrap your fingers around allows you to open the cabinets with recessed hardware. Many of our clients that appreciate these modern cabinetries may also enjoy simple stainless-steel handles to run along a cabinets edge.

A wide range of push latches and spring-loaded cabinet hardware is replacing knobs and cabinet pulls in the kitchen. This look has been around for some time and was made more popular as Americans spent more time in cities like Stockholm and Copenhagen. 

If you are ready to start designing your kitchen with clean crisp lines, give us a call today at
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Wow, your bathroom looks like it came straight out of a luxury magazine!
3/18/2024 9:12:10 PM

Ellie Russell
Very much up to date designs!
Thanks for sharing your idea.
10/29/2019 8:26:20 AM

Quail And Blu
Nice post.Designing your ultimate kitchen should be a rewarding experience. After you have gathered ideas for your kitchen from a variety of sources, the fun begins when you start to actually incorporate all the different design ideas into a coherent picture of your perfect kitchen. This is the time to ask for assistance from a kitchen design specialist, who can work on the design process with you.
9/9/2019 2:23:53 AM

Such a beautiful post, i liked the way it is done. It is exactly to what I am looking for. It will help me in my next project.
"Thanks for sharing :-)"
4/23/2019 6:27:53 AM

Unique Cabinet knobs ideas
Hi! this is a awesome post, in this post you explain several aspects of decorating styles.You explain modern kitchen decorative ideas. What steps we can take for the decorative from the knobs. wonderful post. Thank you for sharing with us.
4/5/2019 8:04:13 AM

Maria @ bespoke kitchen designs
I like your ideas, the kitchen range should not be the brightest spot in the design but blend well with everything achieving a more sleek and elegant finish to the design. Say, what kitchen layout do you think best fit this generation of homeowners?
2/22/2019 1:30:02 AM

Serena Casa Viva
Hey! this is a great post, exactly right, It also integrates elements that might contrast each other such as stainless steel with black cabinets.
2/20/2019 6:52:35 AM

Meisterbuilders, Inc.
Very professionally done. This is a much appreciated post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
1/21/2019 1:37:28 AM

Great designs. Looks very decent and modern at the same time. Thanks for sharing this.
11/29/2018 5:50:36 AM

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