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Kitchen Island Designs That Are Tasteful and Creative


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Kitchen Island Designs That Are Tasteful and Creative

Our clients insist upon having a kitchen island as part of their new kitchen design. It is a “must have” for over 80% of the families we work with. And why is that? Because kitchen island designs with stools or some type of seating works for their lifestyle. In most cases, these families live very busy lifestyles and everyone seems to be going in different directions. The days of “Dinner At 5:30” with everyone gathered around the dinner table like The Brady Bunch, Family Ties or Full House are long gone and the dining room table now collects dust or is used for folding laundry in most homes today. In fact, formal dining rooms as being swallowed up by larger open kitchen designs that often include a smaller table that is part of these larger kitchens. Also included is a…

Kitchen Island With Stools or Chairs

This particular kitchen island design below was done for a client that lives that fast paced lifestyle with both husband and wife working as busy company executives. They treasure their time in the kitchen together and both enjoy cooking. The rustic beams were already part of the décor and we were asked to design a kitchen that included a kitchen island that was functional and can also serve a place they can both enjoy their culinary creations.

Kitchen Island Designs with Stools

We selected designed cabinetry made of Alder wood and had it stained with Cloudy Day and Mist stain to give it a lightly aged look. Alder has a ton of natural beauty and we wanted to enhance that while complimenting the cabinetry color we used for the rest of the kitchen, and planked flooring. For the countertop we selected Taj Mahal, which is a white quartzite that resembles the Italian Calacatta marbles in appearance but is much harder and more durable than marble. 

Don’t you just love those hanging lights? Our client’s did and they love telling the story how we discovered them in the Urban Electric collection we enjoy. Just the accents we were looking for to break up the earthy tones.

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas With Seating

We have written in a previous blog post about the increased demand for sleek kitchen cabinetry styles that we have been using in our designs. This particular kitchen island design was for a younger couple with a school age child. Meals in this household were often being whipped up in under 30 minutes and then everyone was racing out the door for evening activities. In this case we leaned toward the Urban Inspiration cabinetry we found with SieMatic.
Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating
We used an Island Sienna Oak finish on the cabinetry and a nutmeg finish on all the corners and edges. That is something Tobias Design is recognized for by many of our clients. Our cabinetry finishes often blend complimenting tones to help your cabinets stand out.

The black countertops are Caesarstone Quartz and as you can see, it covers both sides of the galley style kitchen we created with this kitchen island idea. The color is Emperadoro which has greys and brown quartz styling interwoven within the black quartz. There was not much room to work with and we did our best to capitalize by using every square inch. 

The hardwood flooring was a wonderful find and we love the lighter color as a foundation for this modern style kitchen design. It is resistant to scratches, spills and will last a long time in this kitchen.

Kitchen Islands in White Are Very Classy

More often than not, we get the pleasure of designing another masterpiece. Here the client has a very large space for us to create and we were given a little guidance and then asked to pull out all the stops. As you can see, the white kitchen cabinets have a very classy look. But let’s take a closer look at this kitchen island design. 

As you can see, the woodwork and craftsmanship that went into building this sturdy kitchen island is masterful. We love working with our friends at Bentwood Kitchens. A very talented team of cabinetry makers and they always try to take our custom cabinetry designs to the next level. The solid pedestal legs shout stability and style. We designed 9 drawers facing the sink for easy food preparation and storage while on the opposing side we have seating for 4 with plenty of legroom. The client loves the bookshelf for storing cookbooks that have been in the family for many years. The countertops are Jumparata Gold Granite, cut with precision and polished to perfection.

Kitchen Islands in White
And we wish to conclude with this kitchen island in all white with room for two.

Did you see anything that stands out for you? We are happy to work up a kitchen island design that inspire you. Just give us a call at 609.466.1445 and we can get that project started for you.

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